Future Herbs Company Welcomes all customers from all over the world wishing to set up a splendid future together promising to provide the best quality of herbs,spices and seeds and to make our service the best. it’s a really big opportunity for both of us to deliver best quality products with an exchange of ideas.

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Turn your home into Greenhouse!


Once plants are in the garden, one of the biggest challenges is keeping weeds, pests, and diseases out the garden.

  • Pest and weedsPest control and weeds removal
  • Gardening DesignLandscaping Design & Promenade
  • MaintenanceHedge Trimming & Maintenance
  • Water fountainWater & drip irrigation system
  • Soil erosionArresting Soil erosion & mulching
  • Restoration methodsLawn maintenance & restoration
  • Watering plantsWatering plants and sprucing up
  • Garden fencingPicket fencing or hedge?

We can handle everything for you!

We know that the product's most important aspect of quality in the exporting of herbs or spices is pesticide residue ratios. These ratios depend critically on the possibility of exporting and allowing any product to cross to you according to the laws and rules of each country. Therefore, we take this into account perfectly and with all credibility, We provide you with excellent and stable quality with three levels of pesticide residue ratios in the product, according to your requirements
- Organic herbs and spices: We have two organic certifications: Organic EU
- and USDA Organic (NOP)
-Herbs and spices: pesticide residue ratios according to the European Union
-Herbs and Spices: Conventional ratios.




Why Us


At the beginning of cooperation together, and after determining the products and quantities that you want, we conduct analyzes of pesticide residues for samples of these products in the Central Laboratory of Pesticide Residues at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture using the latest equipment, then a certificate of analysis is issued from this center for each sample, this is to ensure that the residual ratio of the pesticides conforming to European and international standards, then we will send you free samples to check by yourself.
We hope you will give us the opportunity to do business with you, and we will meet your expectations and many of our products give you a lower price when you order large quantities.


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It is possible to arrange exporting for you on FOB or CIF basis to any port



We have all kinds of packaging, whether cardboard, paper or propylene and we use moisture-absorbing tapes to preserve our herbs and spices, no matter how long the road to any port in the world.